About CourtNav

Welcome to CourtNav, a digital service provided by RCJ Citizens Advice.

This digital tool has been developed to help you in putting together an application for an injunction (a protective court order). Using CourtNav you can apply for either a Non-Molestation order, an Occupation Order or both.

CourtNav is divided into a number of sections and questions that you can answer all at once, or you can save sections as you go along and submit when you are ready. The answers that you provide are then used to generate and fill out the relevant court forms to apply for an injunction.

Via CourtNav, your forms will be checked remotely by legal advisers. If you are not entitled to legal aid this will be done by RCJ Advice. If you are entitled to legal aid, this will be done by a legal aid family solicitor firm. You can use CourtNav whether or not you have a lawyer, and we hope you find it user-friendly and helpful.

Online submission is also possible for emergency applications (sometimes called ‘ex parte’ or ‘without notice’).

You can use CourtNav with the help of a support worker if you have one (for example an IDVA, domestic abuse worker or Citizens Advice adviser). Alternatively you can register to use CourtNav by yourself. If you are a woman, you can also get assistance via the FLOWS service.